New Photos online: Mitsubishi Salesmeeting 2017

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See our work for Mitsubishi Germany Sales Meeting 2017.

With Gahrens + Battermann as technical supplier, we created a nice Lightingdesign which was build with:

59 x Martin Mac Quantum Profile
58 x GLP Impression x4
43 x Robe Robin 800 LEDWash
40 x Robe Robin Pointe
16 x SGM P5
28 x Sunbeam 100fc
28 x Arri 1kw
1 x MDG Atmosphere
1 x MA Lighting – grandMA2 Light
5 x LanNode 3
1 x LanNode 6
Find the Pictures in our gallery.

IFA 2016, again with studio : 3

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Since september the 2nd we are on air at the Deutsche Telekom AG Booth at IFA Berlin.

We’re running about 10 shows per day on two MA lighting grandMA 2 fullsize connected to 514 lighting fixtures, triggered with 3 different timecodes for the morning and fashion shows on the center stage at the booth.

Happy to work again with this team:

Concept & Realisation: q~bus Mediatektur GmbH | Client: Gahrens + Battermann | lighting design: Timo Graf
Our Job: Assistant lighting director for the smart fashion shows, grandMA2 programming & operating, MA Net network system setup.See the original Deutsche Telekom AG IFA information site here.

New Photos online – Cebit 2016, Deutsche Telekom AG

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For the third year we programmed and operated the Deutsche Telekom AG Booth at Cebit in Hannover.

Like the two years before in Hannover and also in Berlin at the IFA, the special challenge were the handling of a lot of external Triggers which controlled the different lighting looks for different situations on different locations over the whole booth.
For the center stage and its  huge system of kinetic petals above, we used different Timecodes, midi and dmx triggers. With this combination it was possible to follow the movement of the kinetic petals with the correct lighting look.
Also the showlight for the fashion shows had to be exact on time and beat with the dancers, music and video content.

On two MA lighting grandMA 2 fullsize and six MA lighting NPUs we controlled:

79 GLP impression X4L
133 GLP impression X4
112 GLP impression X4s
26 Martin Viper Performance
46 Martin Quantum Profile
18 Robe Pointe
10 SGM P5 TW
8 SGM P5 rgb

Let’s see the photos in our gallery.

Concept & Realisation: q~bus Mediatektur GmbH | Client: Gahrens + Battermann | lighting design: Timo Graf

Lighting for a revolution…

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We are proud to be a part of the Landa Nanographic Theatre Show Crew on Drupa 2016 in Düsseldorf. With his new nano printing technology, Benny Landa and his Team  starts a revolution on the printing industry. And because a real revolution needs a real awesome introduction, Landa has a fantastic 3D mapped multimedia theater show on the Landa booth in Hall 9.

Programming the 30 minutes timecode lightshow for lighting designer Timo Graf together with the creative Team around Maria Kong, was our part of this great show. Timo Graf specified a wide Range of the GLP X4 products like X4s, X4, X4L, X4 Bars , but also some Clay Paky Mythos, Alpha Profile 800, and Robe Robin 800 LED Wash.

Since may the 31st we are running 5 shows per day on 2 MA lighting grandMA2 lights, 2 MA lighting NPUs, 4 MA lighting 4 port Nodes and 1 MA lighting 8 port Node. We spend about 6 days for rehearsals and programming 439 cues on 174 Playbacks with about 580 Fixtures.


Landa Drupa 2016 Showcrew S10 PP

A little less conversation…

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… a little more caribbean feeling for your event!
With Gahrens + Battermann we created some sunny island looks for the Ingram Micro Party at Kap Europa Conference Center Frankfurt.
Our lighting design specified 35 GLP x4 led wash lights, about 20 Martin Mac Quantum Profile and some ETC Source 4 LED.
These fixtures gave us the possibility to create fantastic colors and effects for different looks, like a day on the beach, sundown, night sky, but also some cool “party looks” for the band and DJ situation.
Controlled with 1x MA lighting grandMA 2 light, we had a nice time “at the beach”.

Client: Gahrens + Battermann | Our Job: Lighting Design, technical plannings, CAD drawings, grandMA 2 Programming & Operating
Pictures Copyright: Messe Frankfurt GmbH | Photographer: Marc Jacquemin

ingram 1 small

ingram 2 small

ingram 3 small